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Diz-nos que artigo/s pretendes reservar. Damos a possibilidade de reservar sem entrada inicial e com pagamentos a prestações. Fala connosco para saber as condições e se os teus artigos pedidos se enquadram em algum destes planos.

"Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send unto them... only you. Rip and tear, until it is done."

This 30 cm tall ultimate version of the legendary demon slayer includes the Crucible for all your instant Glory Kill needs. Showcase humanity's avenging angel of few words with an astounding 17 interchangeable accessories. Let an array of munitions from the trustworthy DOOM Blade to the one-hit-is-all-it-takes BFG 9000 do the talk