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Heimdall geek store, the first appearance in the world of pop culture.

For those who do not know, or do not remember well, where they have heard this name… ”Heimdall is a Norse god who protects the fortress of Asgard

and manages to summon “Bifrost”, a bridge that connects Asgard to other worlds. It was in this sense of passage between worlds that the concept of our store was born. Our wish is that anyone who likes pop culture, feels that he has moved to another world when he enters our website, a world where he finds everything that falls in love and reminds him of great moments, be it in terms of cinema, television , games, or others.

In addition to this aspect, Heimdall also has an extremely refined vision and hearing, managing to know what is going on in all corners of the universe and like this Nordic deity, we seek to defend the interests of our customers and that is why we are also always on watch, with our vision and hearing refined, so that we are always up to date on the themes of the moment.

The gates are open, don't wait any longer ... we are waiting for you in this new world ...

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